An Essential Communication Tool for videographers, content creators, vlogging & journalism

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Delivers broadcast quality sound to your camera or mobile device up to 100ft. away.
The mini Omni-Directional microphone both from the built-in transmitter and the included wired lavalier help to minimize the echoing nature of large empty spaces.This lets you narrate or create a voice over during a virtual walk through or 3D tour.

MC01 Wireless Go packaging: 1 transmitter TX +1 reciever RX

MC02 Wireless Go packaging: 2 transmitters TX + 1 reciever RX

Feature Spotlight,

nStrong anti-interference ability at UHF band design. 

nInnovative FPCR wireless transmission technology, more stable and more reliable. 

nAdapt to various radio environments by adjusting the gain in transmitter.

nBuilt-in omnidirectional microphone for real sound capturing

nLow-Cut function provides a lower ground noise reduction . 

nReal-time monitoring with a headphone output in the receiver.

nCompatible with a variety of devices with volume control and mute function.

nMono or stereo output mode available

nHigh resolution OLED high,  easy to use in any environment or circumstance

nBuilt-in lithium battery, up to 6 hours for recording

Product Specification:

Wireless frequency range: 550-590 MHz

Modulation: FM

Audio frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz

Microphone specification: omnidirectional

Number of channels: 100 (A channel 50, B channel 50)

Wireless transmission power: ≤ 10MW

SNR: ≥ 90dB at 1kHz input 

Distortion: <1% 

Latency: <0.5mS

Headphone output power: 87mW at 32ohm

Working currency: 150mA

Built in battery: Dc3.7v (polymer lithium battery)

Charging input: DC-5v / 1-2a

Battery charging time: about 2 hours

Battery life: about 5 hours

Reference distance: 50m (outdoor open space)

Working temperature: -10 ℃ to 55 ℃

Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ to + 55 ℃

Size: 56 (L) * 42 (W) * 15mm (TX and RX)

Unit weight: 1.3oz. (37g)- TX transmitter; 1.3oz. (37g)-RX receiver

Ability to handle two wireless transmitters
This kit comes with a single clip-on wireless transmitter with a built-in mic, a professional lavalier microphone, an ultracompact dual-channel receiver that mounts to the shoe of your camera with both TRS and TRRS output cables. You can put a mic on one person, but if you ever need to put mics on two people, you can simply add a second wireless transmitter (sold separately) and it will work perfectly with the included dual receiver.

Tiny body, huge sound.

MC01/02 WIRELESS GO is impossibly compact and lightweight, yet it delivers crystal-clear professional sound quality. The versatile transmitter features an excellent sounding built-in microphone that captures voices perfectly. Small enough to clip to a shirt or slide into a pocket and versatile enough to set on a table or podium, or even used handheld. It also operates as a traditional bodypack transmitter with professional omnidirectional clip-on lavalier microphone, providing an even more professional and visually discreet miking solution.

Perfect levels and power.

One of the tricky aspects of capturing sound for video is controlling the audio levels. Some people speak very loudly, while others speak very softly. That is why MC01/02  transmitters have easy-to-use gain buttons to raise or lower the levels at the touch of a button, and an intelligent LED display shows you where they're set. The internal Lithium batteries get 5 hours of life from a charge with the included charging cables, and the USB-C ports can be used to power or recharge the units in the field with portable USB battery packs. The 10-milliwatt power of the transmitter gives you an impressive range of 98 feet (30 meters) with obstacles, and 164 feet (50 meters) in open spaces.

Loves cameras & mobile devices equally.

Both TRS and TRRS output cables are included so the system will work perfectly with DSLR, mirrorless, and other kinds of cameras, as well as smartphones and tablets that have headphone jacks. The output of the receiver provides a strong, noise-free level, so when you plug it in you can adjust the input level of your camera to its lowest setting to avoid hearing the noisy preamp of your camera.

An ideal wireless system.

Portable, compact wireless microphone systems are completely essential tools for anyone who shoots video, and the fact that the MC01/02 WIRELESS GO is one of the smallest and most lightweight systems you can ge yet it still delivers professional quality sound makes it ideal for filmmakers, journalists, vloggers, YouTube creators, corporate video producers, or any content creator that needs an incredibly easy-to-use wireless system that won't slow them down. It's small enough to tuck away into any camera bag, backpack or even your pocket, so you can effortlessly bring it with you everywhere you go. The MC01/02 WIRELESS GO is perfect for people who only need one wireless mic right now but may need the option to expand and use two in the future. Plus, the MC01/02 WIRELESS GO is an evolving system of products that will soon be expanding, giving users even more options and versatility.


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