AnAn Audio is a premium ODM/OEM company to delicate in audio equipment and living broadcasting in Shenzhen, China starting from 2015 . We are a fast growing company with our customers and our parnters , giving our the full passion to design, engineering and manufacturing services to provide turnkey solutions. We are pursuing high quality, better price ,lower MOQ and fast delivery to satisfy dynamic needs from customers. We do accept small orders and provide logistical service for all our customers. We are always running at customer orientation. A solid understanding between us and our customers is we are focusing on design &manufacturing and our customers will make the rest of success...

Design&Development Service

Firmware design

  • Control and UI (MCU) 

  • Processing (DSP) 

  • Interfacing (USB, Dante) 

  • Platforms: ADI, Dream, Atmel, Microchip, XMOS.

Hardwares design

  • Analog audio 

  • Digital audio & control 

  • Wireless system (Bluetooth, UHF,2.4G,5.8G) 

  • Switch AMPs and power supply

ANAN Values

ANAN values:Reliability, Responsibility, Respect, Sharing

ANAN vision and mission:Through R&D services, rapid production, and industrial integration, ANAN provide professional and home audio speakers to customers. Thus, it helps customers achieve the complete solutions from design, product manufacturing to service. The general public can enjoy the most beautiful sound.